January 9, 2009
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Brought to you by the visionary experts at the helm of global bespoke event management and luxury concierge Pure Entertainment Group, Blog Purentonline provides you with immediate access to a world of luxury as portrayed by a team of passionate individuals. Designed to cater to the luxury seekers, discerning travelers, and big dreamers, the blog ignites your imagination, inspires new travel and luxury lifestyle experiences, and keeps you up to date on the most current trends in luxury travel, fashion, arts, culture, and technology.

Having recently undergone a modern update, Blog Purentonline is a frequent stop for our members and clients, both corporate and individual, the travel and luxury-obsessed, and members of the media who trust Blog Purentonline to continuously deliver original and exciting content related to the luxury world, just as we have been doing for the last 6 years. With posts covering the top world class restaurants, luxurious hotels, spas and villas, amazing travel packages curated by Pure Entertainment Group, exciting sporting and lifestyle events, beautiful yachts and private jets to charter, and many other topics related to luxury lifestyle and fine living, the blog serves as your ultimate destination to dream, explore, and plan.

What sets Blog Purentonline apart is that we are not simply a luxury travel, entertainment, and lifestyle blog; we provide our readers, clients, and members the opportunity to read about all things luxury on our blog, and we give you direct access to bringing the words and images on your screen to life at any time with our bespoke luxury concierge branch, Pure Entertainment Group. Whether an event we profiled is on your bucket list, you fell in love with a resort that is perfect for your family holiday, or you are inspired by our blog posts but are seeking something tailored to you, Blog Purentonline can be used as a springboard for your luxury fantasies.

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